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It is standalone and powerful software, which enables you to convert PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice into 3D flipping
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15 May 2013

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This tool is for making flipbooks.

Flip books are an effective tool that is able to grab and hold the attention of people. The very realistic page turning experience feels attractive to a prospect. Thus this is a popular means of presenting information in websites; particularly in commerce sites. In e-commerce sites you not only want a lot of people to come to your site but spend time in looking at your information and may be decide to buy something. Presenting a product/services catalog in flip book format helps present the relevant data in a mode that most people like. This particular tool will convert PDF, Microsoft Office, Open Office into 3D flipping book in minutes. The conversion process does not interfere with the content in any way. The text, images and the layout is preserved. There are many settings available to let you create a design that is individualistic.

The converted book can be read online or offline. Flipbooks suitable for reading on a mobile device could also be created. The content can be created as an EXE file too. Your prospects can then read the catalog from a DVD directly. Offline APK files also could be created. The interface of the tool is simple and should not be any hurdle to most users. Settings for customization include the settings and controls you make available on the player that plays the flip book. The trial version is fully functional but will let you create a book of limited pages only. Compared to many such converters, it does not charge you royalties per book additionally created. The upfront charges are all that is required. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

What we frequently used format is PDF, however, we know that PDF can not meet the requirements of our vision. So to attractive more people attention, bring PDF into new level is necessary. One of the best ways is to give flip page effect to plain PDF, make it like realist book. To do this, we need to convert PDF into 3D flippingbook with the help of eFlip Book Maker.
What is eFlip Book Maker? It is All-in-one conversion tool, support for importing Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and enable convert to animated flash flipping book. The converted book can be read online or offline. It depends on what output formats you choose. If you just want the book to read on Web online, then choose HTML format to converting. If also want Mobile and Tablet users to read, you should check the Mobile version option when choosing HTML format.
Well, maybe someone prefers to make the book simple and standalone, not reply on internet. It is also easy to do with eFlip Book Maker. You can convert PDF format magazine to EXE offline file, so that install directly for reading. Thanks for the integrate with flipbook App Maker, you can also make APK offline file after converting. All in all, eFlip Book Maker not only help to bring a new life for PDF, but also provides many personality settings for designers.
eFlip Book Maker
eFlip Book Maker
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